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Welcome Runners and Walkers!
Are you ready for Saturday?! I know we are and below we've provided some pertinent pre-race information. Please read through as many of the questions you might have are probably answered below.

Pre-Race Week Information (April 21-25, 2014)

Online Registration Closes April 21/In-person at Fleet Feet
At 12:00 midnight, online registration closes. After that, we will have a limited number of entries available for in-person registration at Fleet Feet Downtown Sacramento during packet pickup on April 24 and 25.

There will be no in-person registration at Fleet Feet prior to the packet pickup dates.

First-Time Half Marathon Advice
Please help us keep you safe by bringing a water bottle to carry with you during the race. To help you out, one of your goodie bag items is a water bottle.

Helpful Hint: Make a conscious effort and commitment to hydrate throughout each day
(5-7 glasses of water) for the entire week leading up to the race. Not only will that help you arrive at the race fully hydrated, but studies have shown that sufficient hydration during the week prior to a race can improve performance.

You also need to hydrate during the race - about 20oz. per hour.

The Half Marathon Courses

To view the runners' course, CLICK HERE 

To view the walkers' course, CLICK HERE 

Important Bib Pickup, Parking, and Race Information
Please read all information below. Interspersed are details pertaining to the following commonly asked questions:
  • Where you pick up your race-bib for April 24 & 25, and on race day?
  • What and where are the parking zones?
  • Where to park if you did not get a parking assignment email?
  • Where to park if you are picking up your race-bib or are registering on race-day?
  • Where can you get dropped off for the race, if not driving yourself?
  • How and where family and friends may park?
  • What time the various races start?
  • How the race start will unfold?
Race-Bib Pick Up 

Where do I pick up my race-bib?

Race-bib pick-up is located at Fleet Feet Sacramento. The pick-up date and times are: April 24 and 25 from 10AM - 7PM. Fleet Feet is located at 2311 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.

Can I pick up my race-bib on race day?

Yes. Pick up your race-bib on race day at the race venue, not at Fleet Feet!. For those in the Sacramento area, we would really appreciate you picking up your race-bib and stuff at Fleet Feet so our out-of-town guests have shorter lines on race morning.

See the Parking Zone Information below for additional race-day bib pickup details.

Parking Zone/Arrival Time Assignments By Bib Number 
If you did not receive a parking assignment email, but have obtained your bib number at packet pickup -  or you would like to reconfirm your parking zone and/or time arrival assignment, below is a listing of the bib number ranges and associated parking information.

- To assist in sorting out how the parking zones and shuttles will work, view this video and it'll all make sense!
Click Here.

To determine what time you should arrive and which parking zone you go to, simply find the range that your bib number falls into and that corresponding parking zone and time arrival is your assignment! A map link is provided for each zone as well:

Where do I park if I'm arriving on race day or registering on race day?

For those who may register on race day, or will be picking up their bib on race day, there are three designated areas. Review the parking video to orient yourself and then, depending on the course you're doing, use the following information:

 Walkers' Half Marathon Course, use Parking Zone 3
Click Here for Printable Zone 3 Map and Routes
Arrival Time: 6:00am to 6:30am

Runner' Half Marathon Course, use Parking Zone 4  
Click Here for Printable Zone 4 Map and Routes
Arrival Time 6:15am to 6:45am

5K Footrace Course, use Parking Zone 5  
Click Here for Printable Zone 5 Map and Routes
Arrival Time 7:00am to 7:30am

Dropping off Participants
If you are planning to be dropped off, you must still go to your parking zone and take the shuttle bus in. The entrance and feeder streets to the park entrance will be closed to all traffic.

Family and Friends
If you have family and friends who are planning to cheer you on, they are advised to park at Rio Americano High School or the surrounding neighborhood and take the shuttle bus. Click Here for Map to Rio Americano High School

NOTE: For family and friends shuttling in prior to race start, please let racers have first priority for shuttle seating. Shuttles will be operational for the duration of the race event.
Parking Overview Video
For a quick video tour of the parking logistics, 
Click Here.

Other Parking Logistical FAQs
Some additional questions we're anticipating you might have.

Q: What if a bunch of us are traveling in one car and our bib numbers call for different zones and times?

A: Easy! Just pick the best zone and time among your group and use that bib number as you default bib. And by the way, we do encourage carpooling.

Q: What if I have family not doing the race? Can they board the bus with me?

A: We are asking that those not participating in the race to let those that are have boarding priority. After approximately 7:30AM, we will have buses available to transport family and friends to and from the park.

Q: When I finish the race, how do I get back to my car?

A: We will have shuttle buses running constantly until approximately 1PM.

Start Time for the Races
  • Walkers' Half Marathon - 7:15AM
  • Runner's Half Marathon - 7:45AM
  • 5K - 8:00AM (A new course as well!)
Start and Finish at William Pond Park  Click here for Map and Directions

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