Parking Directions

This year, we have changed the parking plan to reduce traffic jams and ensure everyone has plenty of time to arrive before the race start.

Please note, it is very important that each of us do his or her part to make this plan work for everyone.

  • Parking Zones - All parking options are on the North side of the river. We have divided William Pond Park and the American River Dr/McClarren Dr. corridor and surrounding neighborhood into 5 parking zones.
  • Parking Time - For each zone, we will have two arrival times.
  • Shuttle Buses - This year, we have 15 shuttle buses. 
  • Bib Number Determines Zone and Time - For each bib number, we have assigned a specific parking zone and associated arrival time. And the parking information email that you received was based on your bib number. All we ask is that you arrive at your designated zone and prior to the time you have been assigned. And, of course, if you are carpooling, and each of your passengers has a different parking zone and time, you may defer any of the zones representative of your group. 
  • Parking zone and arrival time assignments will be sent to each partipant via email.

For the more visually inclined, here is a map.

Click here for Map